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    The kitchen smoke exhaust project of Jinan Hotel is very important in hotels and canteens. The kitchen smoke exhaust works need to be cleaned regularly. Why do you need to clean it regularly? Let's find out.
    我們知道排煙系統是由煙罩、煙室、橫煙道、豎煙道、油煙分離凈化器、風機組成的, 煙罩位于灶臺之上,一般由不銹鋼和白鐵皮制成,下面炒菜時,油煙四處彌漫,但因為開著風機,煙霧就直接聚攏在煙罩內從吸風口進入煙室了。日久天長,煙罩上就吸附了大量的油污。油水混合物其至順著煙室往廚師頭上、身上滴,嚴重時就像下雨一樣連綿不絕。這種情況是特別危險的。
    We know that the smoke exhaust system is composed of a smoke hood, a smoke chamber, a horizontal flue, a vertical flue, an oil smoke separator and a fan. The smoke hood is located on the stove and is generally made of stainless steel and white iron sheet. When cooking below, the oil smoke is diffused everywhere, but because the fan is turned on, the smoke directly gathers in the smoke hood and enters the smoke chamber from the air intake. After a long time, a lot of oil stains are adsorbed on the hood. The mixture of oil and water drips onto the head and body of the chef along the smoke room. In severe cases, it is like rain. This situation is particularly dangerous.

    The ventilation position should be as high as possible. It should be ceiling mounted. The shorter the air duct is, the better, so as to reduce the damping noise of the pipe. According to the above requirements, it can ensure that the range hood and exhaust fan can work with low noise (the national standard of noise less than 55 decibels); The ventilation effect shall reach the design capacity.
    There are five ways to walk the exhaust flue in Jinan kitchen, depending on the actual situation. First, a 160mm diameter PCV pipe is embedded in the ceiling and placed above the design position of the smoke detector. Second: walk in the gap between the top of the wall cabinet and the kitchen ceiling, and the front of the wall cabinet needs to be covered by a sealing plate. Zhidi walks directly behind the second baffle of the flue gas turbine on the back wall, so that half of it can be realized by villas. Fourth: Old style houses do not use public flue. The flue gas machine is on the window, and the flue gas pipe goes through the window glass channel. Fifth: The height of the kitchen ceiling is lower than 2300, and the second method cannot be realized. The flue gas pipe enters the common flue through the side plate of the wall cabinet in the wall cabinet. The design of the flue of the flue gas turbine directly affects the smoke exhaust effect of the flue gas turbine and the overall appearance of the kitchen. It is recommended to adopt the first and second methods.
    Usually, the lampblack purifier needs to be cleaned after a period of use. If there is too much oil, the electric field inside will be blocked, and the lampblack purifier cannot work normally, which greatly reduces the purification efficiency. Once reported, the company will also face shutdown rectification, which will increase a lot of additional expenses. More seriously, in case of a fire, it will endanger the safety of people's lives and property.
    The above is a detailed introduction to the processing of Jinan iron sheet air duct, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with our attitude http://www.kdxdz.com


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