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    1. Installation of testing equipment
    Regularly inspect the kitchen smoke exhaust pipe, gas pipe, liquefied gas tank and its components, as well as the detection and alarm equipment. Manually regularly inspect and use the detection equipment together. Prevent the failure of the detection instrument in the humid and high temperature environment of the kitchen.
    2. Overall ventilation
    Due to the large smoke in the restaurant, in order to prevent the concentration of carbon monoxide from exceeding the standard, the store should be fully ventilated. During design, the performance of the system shall be guaranteed, and the air exchange rate of the ventilation pipe shall be increased to more than 10 times/hour. Increase the exhaust air volume, remove the smoke generated, and use a lot of fresh air to make the air in the restaurant fresh.

    Kitchen smoke exhaust pipe
    3. Strengthen ventilation and provide ventilation facilities according to environmental conditions
    As all kitchen gas workplaces are equipped with smoke exhaust hoods, the ventilation capacity of smoke exhaust hoods is relatively large, and the smoke exhaust hoods are all smoke exhaust when using gas, so the ventilation problem of the kitchen can be ignored. Just pay attention to the sealing of pipes to prevent poisoning during non working hours.
    4. Local ventilation
    For the storage of liquefied gas tanks or gas users, the gas warehouse of the main control equipment shall be equipped with firewalls to close the space where gas leaks, and shall be equipped with air exhaust and gas exchange facilities, which shall be used for regular air exchange, or open for air exchange when personnel enter.
    The above is a detailed introduction to the ventilation pipes in Jinan. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude http://www.kdxdz.com


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