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    管道和通風是家庭或建筑物的呼吸系統,良好的保養對于安好性,舒適性和能量效率很重要。從很多通風管道,管道和供應,暖通空調管道系統等中進行選擇。不銹鋼通風管道無論你是冷卻,加熱,通風還是將它們組合在一起,使得很多安裝要求,無論是工廠,機構,辦公室還是家庭; 提供普遍的柔性管道連接器織物(UL分類)和尺寸; 預先裝配好的金屬板通過的鎖縫固定在織物上。柔性管道連接器從紙箱中分配,可以比很多傳統方法比較快,有成效,經濟地完成制造。

    Piping and ventilation are the respiratory systems of homes or buildings. Good maintenance is important for safety, comfort and energy efficiency. Choose from many ventilation ducts, ducts and supplies, HVAC ductwork, etc. Stainless steel ventilation ducts, whether you are cooling, heating, ventilation or combining them, make many installation requirements, whether it is factories, institutions, offices or homes; Provide universal flexible pipe connector fabric (UL classification) and size; The pre assembled metal plate is fixed on the fabric through the lock seam. The flexible pipe connector is distributed from the carton and can be manufactured more quickly, effectively and economically than many traditional methods.



    Flexible or flexible piping is an integral part of the air conditioning system. Flexible ducts connect the heating and cooling system ductwork to the air distribution. It consists of grids and registers installed on the ceiling or wall of commercial buildings. The steel ventilation pipe has good tightness and strength. Unlike other forms of steel, stainless steel is not easy to corrode, rust or discolor in contact with water. Stainless steel air duct is basically low carbon steel, containing 10 (weight) or more chromium. It is this addition of chromium that gives the steel its own corrosion resistance. Steel ventilation ducts can be manufactured in different diameters from 90 mm to 611 mm. It is light and easy to install. Hand Bend creates bends and turns during installation.


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