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    1. The ventilation area of the main exhaust pipe is not enough.

    根據工程經驗,主管道風速不能超過 15m/s,否則在運行一段時間后很容易使排煙系統通暢。在油煙凈化器的運行實踐中,大部分情況是由于排氣管通風面積不足所致,管道內氣體流量在 15m/ s 以上。

    According to the project experience, the wind speed of the main pipe shall not exceed 15m/s, otherwise it is easy to make the smoke exhaust system smooth after a period of operation. In the operation practice of the oil fume purifier, most of the cases are caused by insufficient ventilation area of the exhaust pipe, and the gas flow in the pipe is more than 15m/s.



    2. The cross-sectional area of the pipe becomes smaller


    Because of the need to pass through the building beam, the ventilation cross section area of the pipe becomes smaller, and the resistance on the cross section is large, resulting in the air flow is not smooth.


    3. Aggregates accumulation after using drain pipe


    When the smoke exhaust pipe passes through the building beam or avoids other equipment pipes, a part of the smoke exhaust pipe will be lower than the overall level of the smoke exhaust pipe. After using for a period of time, as the oil-water mixture will accumulate at the lower part of the exhaust pipe, the smoke exhaust will be directly affected.


    Ventilation duct


    4. Uneven low smoke exhaust


    The smoke from kitchens on different floors is discharged through the same main pipe. The kitchen near the kitchen exit has a good smoke exhaust effect, but the smoke exhaust of the kitchen downstairs is not smooth.


    5. It is recommended to install smoke exhaust fan


    For kitchens with large smoke exhaust, it is also recommended to install smoke exhaust fans. There are three types of smoke exhaust fans: axial fan, air chassis and centrifugal fan.


    Generally speaking, the current kitchen plan shall be designed in advance during the installation of the ventilation duct, so as to reduce abnormal smoke exhaust of the ventilation duct


    The above is a detailed introduction to the ventilation pipes in Jinan. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude http://www.kdxdz.com


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