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    Transportation of bulk materials. In the production process of some air duct processing plants, it is necessary to transport loose particles, especially spiral air ducts with small proportion, such as foamed plastic particles, which have low cost and good effect. Spiral air duct is a kind of thin-walled pipe, which is rolled from metal strip, round, without welding, air leakage and water leakage. It is mainly used for air supply and bulk material transportation, rather than traditional white iron pipe (i.e. manual iron biting pipe). It is an air duct with full mechanism, and the straight pipe does not need to be manually knocked.



    Galvanized spiral air duct refers to the air supply, exhaust and smoke exhaust ducts for hotels, shopping malls, textiles, chemical fiber, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, instruments, electronics, medicine, tobacco, food, storage, office buildings, subway, civil air defense, basement and other projects. Its thickness and specification can vary according to needs. Generally, both ends of the galvanized spiral air duct shall be externally connected when connecting.


    As iron sheet processing is easy to react in different environments, corrosion and rust are caused. Zinc has little change in dry air. In humid air, the zinc surface will produce a dense alkaline zinc carbonate film, so a layer of zinc on the iron sheet of the air duct can protect the iron sheet. The protection and decoration can be enhanced after passivation, dyeing or coating of light protecting agent by galvanizing treatment.


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